East Side Voices

East Side Voices

An East Side Aligned Community Listening Session

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East Side Aligned is using a short virtual survey to kick off a conversation about community and resident voice. Please join the conversation and encourage others to participate by...

  • Taking the 4 question survey

  • Following along on Facebook and posting your own responses to the question prompts using #EastSideVoices

  • Sharing the #EastSideVoices social media posts

  • Sharing the survey link on your personal social media pages and within your network


Thank you in advance for being a part of this important and timely conversation! Read below for more details.

Survey Details

East Side Aligned is a movement that brings people and organizations together to improve the readiness and well-being of children and youth within Greater East St. Louis. Earlier this year, East Side Aligned embarked on a journey to explore what the future of the Movement could and should look like. That journey involved doing some intentional listening to ESA Movement leaders and the broader community using focus groups and individual conversations. These conversations would help to determine the role of ESA in the coming years, and what supports were needed to fulfill that role. We named this process ESA 3.0.

Months later, communities locally and across the globe were hit by COVID-19. Shortly after that, unrest began to rock the nation.

The world looks much different than when we began this journey of rediscovery, and we believe that the questions we began to pose before are more important now than ever.

Questions like, “What does it look like for the voices of residents to be heard and supported?” and “What does it look like for community to come together for the betterment of our youth?” will do more than just inform the collaborative work of the Movement. These critical questions will help to shape what’s next for the communities we live in and care about.

Therefore, we are engaging the community in this critical discussion about what’s next for our youth, our community, and our Movement as we build a region where our young people can thrive.

We want to hear from current and former residents of the Greater East St. Louis region, as well as stakeholders who are deeply invested and rooted in the community (long-time business owners, nonprofit leaders, people who work in the community, family members of residents, etc.).

Questions? Contact us!

Questions? Contact us!

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